The Supervisor Review Process

The second primary component of the grant development process

The second primary component of the grant development process is the Supervisor Review Process. The principal/supervisor MUST approve the request in order for it to move forward through the process.

The workflow for the Supervisor Review process is below. You can click on the image to see a larger version.


The Supervisor Review Process

Once the Seeker completes the Intent to Apply information in the Pre-Award Grants Intent to Apply Portal, the process transitions to “Pending Supervisor Approval” status.   An automatic “Action Required” email notification is sent to the principal/supervisor regarding the Intent to Apply.  After review, the principal/supervisor must either approve or deny the request.

At any point in the entire process, an “input requested” message may be sent to the Seeker to obtain additional information needed to advance the project. Responses must be provided in the comments sections or the attachment sections of the Pre-Award Grants Intent to Apply Portal. This way everyone involved in the process has access to the information immediately. As grants are time sensitive, providing responses as soon as possible to these requests can be critical.

If the principal/supervisor denies the request, it is closed and the Seeker will receive notification of denial. The Seeker will have to restart the Intent to Apply Process to pursue another grant.

 If the principal/supervisor approves the request, automatic email notifications are sent to the Seeker and the pre-award grants team. The process then transitions to “Eligibility Review” status.