The Seeker Initiation Process

The first primary component of the grant development process

Please review  What information do I need to complete the intent to apply request?  before you begin.  You may also want to review the other articles in the Knowledge Base.

There are 8 primary components of the grant development process, some of which take place outside of the Pre-Award Grants Intent to Apply Portal. The first is Seeker Initiation - Finding a funding opportunity/grant.

The workflow for the Seeker Initiation process is below. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Seeker Initiation of Process

The Seeker is the person who wants a grant. Most of this process takes place outside of the Pre-Award portal. This process begins with the Seeker identifying a need(s) in his/her classroom, club, school, department, or district as well as possible solutions. The first big question is this process, is can a grant help address the identified need?  If yes, then the Seeker researches grant opportunities, such as the FCPS Funding Opportunities Database. There are many other resources for finding funding opportunities (see related articles).

Best practice tip: Once the Seeker identifies a grant to pursue, it should be discussed with the principal/supervisor.  This person will have to approve the project before the project can continue. It’s never a good idea for the principal/supervisor to learn about a grant project from anyone other than the Seeker.

When the grant opportunity has been identified and discussed with the principal/supervisor, the Seeker goes to the Pre-Award Grants Intent to Apply Portal to complete the Intent to Apply information.

When this is completed, an automatic notification goes to the Seeker that the Intent to Apply has been submitted. An automatic “Action Required” notification is sent to the principal/supervisor regarding the Intent to Apply, who must approve or deny the request.