How do a share a ticket with someone else?

Sometimes it will be necessary to share the work with others.  If you are writing a grant, for example, the rest of your grant development team might need to be informed of the status of your intent to apply or may need to contribute to the dialog during the grant development process.  Sharing your ticket with others allows them to add comments to the ticket and can also allow them to receive the same types of notifications that you receive when your request progresses through the process.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on the link labeled Share:
  2. Next enter the email addresses for any one you want to share this ticket with.    If you are working with external partners on the grant, you can share this ticket with those users as well; the external partners will need to create an account (a screen shot is included below to let you know what these external partners will see so you can make sure all is going well for them).
  3. Once the individuals you've shared your ticket with view it, they will be able to add comments, even if they do not have an FCPS account.

Sharing with External Users

If you share a ticket with an external user, they will need to register an account.  This screen shot shows you what it looks like when external users create an account.  On the first screen they will be asked to enter their email address and then they will be asked to complete this form.